List of Concepts


Sun Computing

World Bank of Questions and Answers

e-Connected Family

Internet Morality Engineering

Sunlight Surfaces Engineering

Economic Communications Stack

Child Protection e-Amulet

World Facial Recognition Database

World Fingerprint Database

World Unique Internet ID PIN

World Internet Peer Pin Mechanism

Identity Verified e-Activity

Identity Verified e-Referendum

Identity Verified e-Opinion Polling

Identity Verified e-Election

Loneliness Social Media Platform

#Hashtag Standards Body

Standard Internet Sign-up Mechanism

Crowd Code Security Open Source Code

Open Algorithm Social Media

Connected VR

Luxury Technology and Needs Technology

Distributed Cybersecurity

What will happen when bandwidths are very high!

Humanity and Unity

Impacts of Migrating to the West

Concensus on what humans are composed of

Agreement on what is The Optimal Human like

Concensus on Human Nature

Intentions Monitoring Body

Key Performance Indicators of the World and Humanity

Structured Collaboration on Supremacy of Thought

Growth of Internet

Loneliness Social Media Platform

Closed Loop Money Cycle

Closed Loop Food and Water Money Cycle

The Optimal Society in Today’s Multipolar World

Pre-election Social Media Shutdown

Hate Generation and Hate Management

New World Order

Declaration of Standing on Higher Moral Ground

Universal Ban on Alcohol

Universal Criminalisation of Adultery

Asian Union

War-Less Future or Stupidity

Physical Punishment instead of Financial Punishment

Neighbourhood Lead and Group Admin

Government Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil

Afghan Taliban and the West


Weighted Democracy

Open Public Government

The Optimal Government

Afghanistan National CCTV Program

Afghanistan Distributed Solar Energy Commission

Government Enforced Zakat Collection and Disbursement

Physical Punishment instead of Financial Punishment

Government Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil

Afghan Taliban and the West

God’s Rays

Scientific Analysis of God’s Rays

Rays Science

Ray Parenting

Rays Science, the Uneasy Heart and Climate Change


Dragon Parent – Double EE Parenting

Child Protection e-Amulet

Ray Parenting

Upcoming Concepts:

– E-Child ID

– Worry Free Parenting

– Department of Heart Sciences and Pure Intentions

– Optimal Society

– Optimisation and Transformation into Optimal Humans

– Global e-Invoicing Standard

– Smartphone as Walkie Talkie

– Local Non Central Calling

– Local Non Central Conferencing

– Greater use of Radio Band

– Home Traffic Monitoring Hub

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