Sun Computing


Renewable energy is a trend for energy generation to power IT data centers. Another trend is that of distributed cloud and edge cloud where racks of IT equipment are spread across geographically dispersed locations. Another trend is the increase of solar powered telecom base station towers. These three trends together make Sun Computing feasible:
– Renewable Energy
– Distributed and Edge Cloud
– Solar Powered Telecom Base Stations

We define Sun Computing as distributed solar powered racks. The racks can consist of desired IT equipment powered by the Sun. They can be back-haul connected via any available technology be it satellite, microwave, fibre or 5G. They will be powered by the Sun during the day and either turned off at night or on battery. The racks can be distributed and connected while offering services according to the equipment inside them. This could be processor equipment, storage equipment or connectivity equipment.

We call this concept Sun Computing and feel there is room for this in the technology space.

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