World Bank of Questions and Answers


A trend increasing in society is to ask a question from Google. Another increasing trend is for people to talk to devices and ask a question. This includes mobiles or personal assitant devices at home like Hey Google and Amazon Alexa. It is observed that increasingly adults and children alike are talking to devices to ask simple questions.

For both search engines and technical personal assistant devices it is evident that one of the most common use is to ask an ordinary question and to receive an answer. For example a child asking the question Hey Google what is physiology? Similarly someone asking the meaning of a word.
We propose the concept that there should be a World Bank of Questions and Answers which these devices could use. There are questions being asked from these devices and dispersed answers are given. This should be standardised. The question and answer phenomenon is increasing considerably in children and youngsters. We feel a global body on questions and their answers should exist.

A global standard World Bank of Questions and Answers.

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