Economic Communications Stack


A long time ago there was IRC Chat. It was invented in 1988 and was plain text with channels and direct messages.

Additionally one of the first famous voice over IP audio call service was started in 2003. That’s 18 years ago and it worked well.

At we believe there is room for back to basics communications which are low on bandwidth, storage but work perfectly fine. Like they did 20 years ago. We call this concept the Economic Communications Stack.

We believe there is great room for plain text and compressed voice communications which would work for hundreds and thousands of people easily. It would be non video and consume low bandwidth, less storage. Such a back to basics Economic Communications Stack would be well suited for countries and groups which can’t afford the expensive HD video conference solutions being touted nowadays. 20 years ago they worked well. Today on current high tech servers 20 years later one server could serve hundreds of users if not tens of thousands. Imagine the feather like bandwidth of plain text and compressed voice on current servers which seem to be made for 4K video.

This Economic Communications Stack would be easy to implement securely by anyone and would ease burden on costs. The HD video conferencing solutions of today are expensive and costly on resources in all aspects. Whereas an implementation of a back to basics plain communications stack would be cheap for everyone to implement.

At we believe there is room for a communications which is low on bandwidth, storage and we call it the Economic Communications Stack.

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