Intentions Monitoring Body


What is someone intending ? What are these group of people intending ? What does this country intend to do ? What is the intent behind an action ?

At we consider that a global Intentions Monitoring Body is required. This is necessary to monitor the intentions of individuals, groups and countries. The impact of actions is important but the intention behind an action is also very important. It should be discussed.

We believe this is a difficult task but there is room for such a body where intentions could be put forth and discussed. Like an announcement by an individual that I am going to do this and my intention is to achieve such and such result. Similarly for a group announcement or a country announcement of intent.

Mistrust is a great cause of disunity. Good intentions are a force opposite to mistrust. We observe that mistrust is everywhere in society, locally and globally. For example consider the intent behind a certain advertisement. Shouldn’t it be discussed ? Consider the intent behind making a certain movie or the intent behind a significant step taken by an organised set of individuals. Should it be discussed such that trust and mistrust could be settled.

At we believe that a Global Intentions Monitoring Body is now possible with the well connected world. A place is required where intentions behind a step could be put forth and could be questioned. A place where mistrust could be addressed and answered. We believe such a global entity would help bring unity and peace by settling mistrusts prevalent between individuals, groups and countries.

We believe a big mistrust being placed on an intention announced in the global body would help society. A concensus of mistrust being placed on an action would help discourage bad intentions and lead to actions which have good impacts. We believe that a Global Intentions Monitoring Body which would discuss the intentions behind actions will help the advancement of unity and peace in the world.

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