Open Public Government


It has been observed that a lot of dealings done by the government and government personnel are behind closed doors. A lot of financial decisions lack transparency and in general if the public became aware of those decisions they would object to it.

We consider the concept of Open and Public Government to be valid. This is now doable due to technology. Knowledge of all salaries of government servants, all bids, all project expenses, all procurement costs, all payments, all services paid for by tax should be available publicly and openly to all of that country’s citizens.

This means that if the government makes a hospital then knowledge of every dollar spent from start to end would be made publicly and openly available to that country’s citizens. Soft copies of such items are easily possible now in text and spreadsheet forms due to bandwidths now available on devices. It will only take a low amount of Mbs to share all costs incurred even with descriptions of the reason for these costs.

Open and Public Government is a very valid argument. The reason behind this is that when you are financing something you should be generally able to find out where the money went. It only means that one should know where his own money is being spent. Most money with the government is the citizens own money and so the citizens should be able to know where their own money is being spent.

This concept is easily possible now due to current advancements in technology. We consider Open and Public Government to be a valid concept and consider that it will increase transparency and trust.

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