The Optimal Government

An optimal government moves society towards generating optimal humans.

Human beings are complex systems of interconnected entities. These are the mind, the body, the soul, the spirit, the heart, the self. The optimal human has put all 6 entities in their proper places with good formation. The Optimal Government moves society towards becoming optimal humans. The suboptimal human’s mind, body, soul, self, heart etc are not in good structure and are not in proper setting. The Optimal Government suppresses these.

Optimal human consists of:

– An optimal mind which is sound in its decision making.

– A heart of gold which is positive in intentions and has positive emotions.

– A disciplined and tranquil self which has control over ill desires and wishes positive desires.

– A good awareness of the various requirements of the body and seeing that they are catered for.

The Optimal Government allows optimal humans to prevail over suboptimal humans. The Optimal Government causes optimal behaviors and optimal values to prevail over suboptimal behaviours and suboptimal values. The Optimal Government suppresses things which lead to suboptimal humans being generated in society. The optimal government propagates things which leads to the generation of good optimal humans.

At we feel that a lack of optimal governments producing optimal humans is damaging humanity. We feel that for the further progress of humanity there needs to be a discussion on what constitutes an optimal human and what sort of governance leads to the generation of optimal humans. Governance which would lead to causing optimal behavior to prevail in society. It would also lead to governance which would suppress suboptimal humans, suboptimal behaviour and suboptimal values.

The optimal government would impact society to generate better minds, bodies, hearts, selfs. This would be beneficial for everyone, society and humanity.

At we feel that a lack of optimal governments is causing negativity to prevail. We feel that at first an agreement is required. A global agreement on what is The Optimal Human. [ Link ]

After such an agreement exists on what constitutes an optimal human then there could be an agreement on what is optimal government behaviour and what are optimal government values. We feel optimal governments producing optimal humans and suppressing suboptimal behaviors is important for society and humanity. We feel this concept needs to explored and adopted.

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