Ray Parenting

There is a movement in Pakistan to make spirituality a super science. To that end ConceptPaper.org would like to put forward the concept of Ray Parenting.

Earlier we have introduced the below concepts:

Global Concensus on What are Humans Composed of

Global Concensus on Human Nature

Global Agreement on What is The Optimal Human

Scientific Analysis of God’s Rays

And also

Rays Science

This article builds on the above concepts but repeats a sufficient amount to remain an independent writeup.

It might sound a bit strange but even though billions of people are connected there is still alot of disagreement on fundamental things.

– We humans don’t agree on what we are composed of inside of us.

– We don’t even agree on what is human nature, what is natural to us and what is unnatural.

– We all still don’t agree on what could the optimal human be like.

– We don’t agree on the use of God’s rays.

These are all backgrounds to Ray Parenting. We define Ray Parenting as the form of parenting which is based on what humans are actually composed and what their natural needs are.

Human beings are complex systems of interconnected entities. These are the mind, the body, the soul, the spirit, the heart, the self. An optimal human has put all 6 entities in their proper places with good formation. This includes:

– An optimal mind which is sound in its decision making.

– A heart of gold which is positive in intentions and has positive emotions.

– A disciplined and tranquil self which has control over ill desires and has positive desires.

The objective of Ray Parenting is to produce optimal humans as above. This is being called Ray Parenting because of the repetitive activation of God’s rays to refine the heart, mind and self. The repetitive activation of God’s rays to become radiant humans. Radiant humans with a clear mind, a pure heart and a controlled self.

There is a path to becoming radiant and a path to becoming an optimal human. This path brings clarity of mind. It brings freedom of heart. It brings calmness and tranquility of the self on goodness. God’s rays are used in this path and they are a tool in how radiant spiritual masters refine you. Repetitive ray activation and ray reception is one of the fundamental concepts in spiritual refinement. God’s rays are activated by repeated recital.

To the average mind of today it might seem strange why something would be done repeatedly. The average mind of today thinks why recite something or say something a thousand times. It is for ray activation. It is for ray reception of God’s rays. It leads to spiritual refinement, to optimal humans with clearer minds, purer hearts and calmer selfs.

Lets note again that Rays Science dictates the repetitive activation of God’s rays for producing optimal humans based on what humans are composed of and based on human nature. Let’s recall that humankind unfortunately still doesn’t agree on what we are composed of, what is natural and unnatural for us. Therefore, there is a difference in the definition of the optimal human as well. There also a difference on how to produce optimal humans. This is why ConceptPaper.org has introduced the concepts of agreement and concensus on human composition, nature and optimisation.

Ray Parenting is when repetitive activation of God’s Rays is included as part of parenting instructions. Ray Parenting is when a child is taken regularly to a spiritual master for spiritual refinement. It is when a spiritual master allocates relevant types of God’s rays for your childs heart, soul, self and mind refinement.

In Islam spiritual masters assign ray activation recitals in Arabic according to each person’s needs. La ilaha il Allah is a mega ray in Islam and is often activated for spiritual refinement. The 99 names of God in Islam are ray activation mechanisms. The repeated recital of the Quran Majeed are ray activations too. This system is based on human nature and is based on what humans are composed of.

At ConceptPaper.org we feel humans need to agree on what we are composed of, what is our nature, what is an optimal human. Thereafter God’s rays of energies need be used to bring about optimal humans. Ray Parenting is making use of God’s rays to produce optimal humans from an early age under the guidance of spiritual masters.

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