Dragon Parent – Double EE Parenting

Protective parents are very concerned about their children. At ConceptPaper.org we would like to introduce the concept of Dragon Parent – Double EE Parenting.

Human beings including children are complex systems of interconnected entities. These are the mind, the body, the soul, the spirit, the heart, the self. An optimal human has put all 6 entities in their proper places with good formation. This includes:

– An optimal mind which is sound in its decision making.

– A heart of gold which is positive in intentions and has positive emotions.

– A disciplined and tranquil self which has control over ill desires and has positive desires.

At ConceptPaper.org we introduce that Dragon Parents are protective parents which execute double EE parenting to produce sound minds, hearts of gold and disciplined selfs. The Eyes and the Ears are the double EEs. The Eyes and the Ears are prime entry points to the heart and the mind. We introduce the concept that technology should facilitate the control and monitoring of everything that goes in through the double EEs, the eyes, the ears. This includes:

– Childrens Social Media flows

– Ads shown to children on websites

– Ads shown to and voiced to children on all video and voice comms

– Video streaming programs next item suggestions

A Dragon Parent is a parent who can see a log of all ads shown to children on tablets, smartphones, laptops, websites and social media. Who can see a log of everything the childs eyes and ears got on all of their electronic devices.

We feel parents are not in control of the inputs from the eyes and ears of their children anymore. In previous generations parents could control who a child interacts with generally and so what sort of inputs they get into their minds and hearts. Earlier parents could control what a child reads, what a child sees, who talks to him. Whereas now technology has made protective parental control over mind, hearts, eyes and ears a nightmare.

At ConceptPaper.org we introduce a very high level concept of Dragon Parent – Double EE Parenting. Where we call for technological facilitation of control and monitoring of what goes into the eyes and ears of children.

We include in this concept that technology and stakeholders should facilitate control in addition to monitoring. Where ads, social media flows, next video, next cartoon suggestions are approved by parents before display. Dragon Parents are to have control beforehand on what ads will be shown, what will be shown on social media main page flows, what will be the next suggested video, what will be the next suggested cartoon or movie item.

This will enable control on what will go into the mind of the child. What emotions will be triggered in the child’s heart. What desires of the lower self will be sparked in their child. This will facilitate parents in upbringing optimal children with sound minds, good hearts and controlled selfs.

We introduce this concept as Dragon Parent – Double EE Parenting.

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  1. Javed Akhtar says:

    Parental control on media and exposure to unappropriate is very much required and I have been looking such a system control for parents. This is an excellent idea and looking forward for such a system.


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