Facial Recognition Database

At ConceptPaper.org we feel it is time for the internet to grow. As things stand trust and identity is not established for communications on the internet. We feel people should be able to have trusted and verified identity on the internet. This is in addition to random signup based identity. For the internet to grow we suggest the below concepts:

World Facial Recognition Database

World Fingerprint Database

Unique Internet ID PIN

Internet Peer Pin Mechanism

This will facilitate:

Identity Verified e-Activity

Identity Verified e-Referendum

Identity Verified e-Opinion Polling

Identity Verified e-Election

We feel a 6 factor authentication based trusted internet activity is possible. It could be considered to be a real persons action.

1. If there is a world facial recognition database and one uses their smartphone to do first step via that.

2. If there is a world fingerprint database and one uses their smartphone to do a second step via that.

3. If there is a unique Internet ID PIN database and one enters that for a third step.

4. If one receive an SMS PIN and enters that for fourth check.

5. If one receives a voice call to do a voice recognition check with a Pin to enter that.

6. Peer Pin: If another real person completes all of the above and gives them a verified peer pin. This is like a reference check. A 2 person verification check. A peer pin is where another person is asked to complete all the above steps and get a PIN from a system for this person’s verified activity.

Once this is done the action performed could be considered a trusted verified action of a real person. Thereafter the below should be possible:

Identity Verified Internet e-Referendum

Identity Verified Internet Opinion Polling

Identity Verified Internet e-Election

Any Identity Verified Internet Activity

Therefore one could do a post on the internet which is identity verified. Or there could be quick e-Referendums held, an e-opinion poll or e-Election.

We feel once identity is established for the communications over the internet there will be space for more trusted activities.

At ConceptPaper.org we feel it is the right time for these concepts to be put in place. A good time for the internet to grow and for society to make better, greater use of it. We feel this will lead to a more trusted internet and to a more trusted world.

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