Closed Loop Money Cycle

Some people are going to space and going to Mars while others don’t have food. At we propose the concept of a closed loop money flow mechanism across the world. It is where money could be taken from rich people and rich corporations and distributed to the lowest and poorest people of the world.

We consider food and water to be the essential items. We think these should be facilitated on earth before going to space or Mars.

We consider cash and money to be redistributable. We think the world needs fairer distribution of wealth at world level and at country level both. The gap between the rich and poor is very obvious and we put forward the idea that a certain portion of money, say 2.5% should be taken from the rich and redistributed into food and water.

We call this system Closed Loop Money Cycle or the Closed Loop Food and Water Money Cycle. We feel this will lead to a better world.

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