# Hashtag Standards Body

Imagine if there is a Hashtag Standards Body and it allocated the hashtag of #CPHashStdBody-1BS to this concept of a Hashtag Standards Body. Thereafter imagine if this hashtag is announced such that people across the globe associate it on social media platforms. This would lead to feedback and response voiced with the tag attached.

At ConceptPaper.org we propose the formation of a Hashtag Standards Body. We propose for the practice of hashtagging to become standardised. This leads to a better internet.

This is a sort of cataloguing. Where for example the topic “Electrolyte Galvanic DC Battery” would be given a hashtag of #ElecGalDCBat by a standards body. Afterwards electrochemistry experts across the world know this standard tag and use it to post research information on internet, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. This facilitates world scale collaboration. Anyone new wanting to find information on this topic could get the standard tag and search on it. Probably a hashtags search engine facility would be required to facilitate giving global results for standard hashtags.

Thereafter we feel the worlds feedback and thoughts on a topic could be catalogued. It could be organised and taken via standard hashtags.

At ConceptPaper.org we feel the need for a Hashtag Standards Body. This body would decide and announce a hashtag for something/anything. Thereafter people would use that hashtag to tag what they write about that thing.

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