The Optimal Society in Today’s Multipolar World

In today’s multipolar world mankind is lost. Previous idols of democracy, freedom and human rights are fully buried in trillion dollar wars. Everyone is questioning the values of yesterday. Questions are rightly being raised on values.  There is no standard set of optimal values visible. There is no set of agreed values to unite the world. The world is fragmanted.

What is the optimal society like and what is the best solution for societies to flourish. No one agrees. The world is multipolar now so intercontinental missiles can’t shove touted values down people’s throats anymore.

At we believe the reason for all this is due to a lack of understanding. A lack of understanding on a very basic thing: What are humans composed of.

The Optimal Society is one which is based on what humans are actually composed of. Not on money.

Human beings are complex systems of interconnected entities. These are the mind, the body, the soul, the spirit, the heart, the self.

An optimal human would consist of:

– A sound mind which is sound in weighing options.

– A heart of gold which is positive in intentions and has positive emotions.

– A disciplined and tranquil self which has control over ill desires and has positive desires.

But mankind is lost because they are focusing on the mind only. They are not focusing on the heart and it’s intentions. They are not focusing on the self and it’s desires.

We are lost in the bliss of touted mindfulness in the same manner we were lost in the bliss of touted democracy, freedom and human rights. The bliss of touted mindfulness has brought again destruction. The destruction of real peace and tranquility. Peace and tranquility of the heart are not mentioned. Peace and tranquility of the self are not mentioned. Only the greatness of mind is touted.

Enough of mentioning problems. The indication towards a solution is in the word INTENTIONS. It is that intentions are inconsistent with what humans are composed of. Intentions need to be evaluated and corrected.

Coming back to the heart, the mind and the self we note that:

A heart of gold has the purest of intentions. The mind is used to put in effect what you are intending to do. The self can cause corruption of intention.

What did we get wrong? We are intending to satisfy the self and only the self. Our intentions are to satisfy the selfs desires of money, comfort, pride, lust etc. Our minds are used to put in effect these satisfactions. So our intentions are wrong and for the self only.

What we got wrong is what humans are composed of. As things stand:

Satisfaction is sought in the satisfaction of only one of three i.e. the selfs desires. The selfs desire for money, comfort, pride, lust etc. Freedom is defined as the freedom to acheive the selfs desires. Desires of the self dictate the mind to put in place actions which would satisfy them. Intentions of the hearts are to satisfy desires of the self.

The whole system is busted now. It is busted after troves and troves of technology are being used to satisfy the self but everyone has….. What ?

A heavy heart.

The system gets busted when there is more money, and even more money sought. There is more objectification on social media and more pride sought. There is ever more comfort sought from machines. There is more lust sought and families get broken. etc. etc. etc. But then everyone has a heavy heart and is lost and unhappy on what they are doing.

It is the self that is in charge and it is the selfs desires which are destroying equilibrium. Leaving the hearts with heaviness. Intentions are there only to satisfy the self. All marketing is driven to satisfy the selfs desires.

The optimal society controls the selfs desires and makes way for better, purer hearts. Hearts which have more sincerity and are intending goodness. But first you need to define goodness correctly as well. What do you do when all goodness is defined as satisfaction of the selfs desire for money, comfort, pride, lust etc. We are lost again as the definition of goodness and greatness no longer covers the hearts intentions. It covers the self only. The mind is also being used to put in place actions which satisfy the selfs desires. The optimal society makes way for a clear mind which gives weight to good and great intentions.

An optimal society is a self suppressing society. One which suppresses the selfs desire for more money, more pride, more comfort, more lust. An optimal society is one which defines freedom as freedom of the heart from lowly desires.

At we put forward the concept of The Optimal Society in Today’s Multipolar World. Towards agreeing on the composition of humans to include the heart and the self. Towards putting in place controls over the selfs desires. Towards redefining freedom as freedom of the heart and not freedom of the selfs desires. Towards freeing the mind from only thinking about satisfying the selfs desires.

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