Standard Internet Signup Mechanism

At we believe it is time for the internet to grow. We have put forward the concept of a Unique Internet ID PIN. A pin for everyone on the internet like a bank card pin. Similarly we have, in the same concept, presented an idea of Identity Verified e-Activity. This is when identity is verified and an e-Activity is performed which could be recognised as a real persons action.

Today we present the concept of a Standard Internet Signup Mechanism. We believe signup via Google, Facebook etc. is not standard and is in the hands of corporations. At first there should be a recognition of the action of signup considering the billions of sign-ups and sign-ins going on in the world. The sign-up activity on the internet is largely unrecognised in internet protocol standards and we believe the IETF should introduce a standard internet signup mechanism. There can be a debate on how it would work. Previously above we have put forward the concept of a world facial recognition database and a world fingerprint database. Perhaps with those mechanisms or perhaps with an Internet PIN and SMS verification we believe a standard signup mechanism could be put in place. This would make the trillions of sign-ups and sign-ins occuring on the internet easier.

It’s clear that organisations have already implemented this. In orgs you get a single login name which is normally your email id and you have that working at majority of places. This is enabled by Microsoft Active Directory AD integration everywhere. There needs to be an AD like standard pass for the whole internet. Whoever wants to use this standard sign-up/sign-in can use it or use an email based one.

At we feel the internet needs to grow and include a standard sign-up and sign-in mechanism. We feel it will make life easier due to the many sign-ups and sign-ins going on now on the internet. This will help remove mistrust and bots from the Internet.

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