Connected VR

Imagine 2 VR headsets connected such that people wearing them are in the same VR space together. They are together in a 3D virtual world displayed to both. At we call this Connected VR. We feel that if you put 2 or more people together in a 3d virtual world than it would benefit learning and discovery.

Imagine a professor on a master VR headset and all the students having on slave VR headsets. Imagine the whole class of medicine being taught about the human body in a 3D VR environment. Learning and discovery would be much easier if the professor could show the 3d images of the organs inside the human body. It would be much better if he takes the students on a 3D tour inside the body. We feel this connected VR environment is the future of education.

At we feel there is space for 3D mind mapping based education as well. We feel mind maps presented in VR and taught in a connected VR environment would greatly increase students understanding. This would help the teacher convey and show connections of concepts to students. We feel 3D video and 3D mind maps in connected VR environments are the future of education, learning, training and skills development.

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