Declaration of Standing on Higher Moral Ground

Today’s multipolar world requires a Declaration of Standing on Higher Moral Ground. At we feel this required to settle differences. All entities need to lay claim to Standing on Higher Moral Ground and then justify it. As things stand the below is the current claim on Higher Moral Ground:

– Interest is a good thing. Let’s give loans to the poor on interest and take the principal and lots of interest from them.

– Adultery is not that bad a thing. Let’s make it common, let’s show it on tv and let’s not consider it a crime. Laws are to allow it and it should not be a criminal offence.

– Porn is a good thing; we allow it, generate it and spread it.

– War is a good thing. We create them, make them happen and they help improve human rights.

– Children are not required. The fertility rate can drop and economic prosperity is the better thing.

– Greater economic contribution is better than motherhood.

– Babies don’t need their mothers. Day care centres are better and mothers should work.

– Parents don’t need their children and grandchildren ( if they have any ) and old homes are better.

– The rich are the best people.

Therefore, as things stand, the current claim is that the optimal society creates wars, takes interest from the poor, generates porn, displays and allows adultery, does not produce children and takes babies away from mothers. And this is Higher Moral Ground.

At we feel that multiple steps need to be taken for the unity and prosperity of humanity. We have presented multiple earlier concepts regarding these steps. We feel fresh claims on Standing on Higher Moral Ground need to be made. Thereafter all parties making these claims need to be justify them. Thereafter a discussion needs to be made on further progress and unity of humanity.

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