New World Order

In today’s multipolar world a new world order is now required. At we would like to present the concept of a new world order justifying this on the basis that unity, prosperity and world peace is at stake and requires this.

First we would like to lay a background to justify the requirement for a new world order. To start with there is disagreement between humans on very basic things. Such as:

1. What are humans composed of ?

2. What is human nature, what is natural to humans and what is unnatural to humans?

3. What is an optimal human like ?

4. What is the optimal society like?

5. Who stands on higher moral ground ?

It’s very interesting that even after connecting billions of people there is no unity on what we are. The current claim is that humans have a mind only and no hearts which intend and no selfs which desires. It’s almost funny that humans don’t agree on what they are even composed of. What am I or who am I is still unanswered. I’ness is undefined and people don’t agree on the different types of I inside of them. Currently I is defined as the thinking mind only. I is not defined as the intending heart or the feeling heart. I is not defined as the desiring self and wanting self. I is disagreed upon.

Similarly there is no concensus on what is natural to humans and what is unnatural to humans. On what is human nature. It’s amazing that with billions of people connected there is no agreement on what is natural to us and what is unnatural for us.

Similarly there is no concensus within humanity on what is a good human like. This is also strange. Billions of people are connected but they don’t agree on what is a good human and what are the traits of a good human. There is no agreement on what is an optimal human like and what is a suboptimal human like.

Similarly there is no concencus of what the optimal society is like. We don’t agree on what norms in society are good and should be practiced. In the same spirit there is no winner that is declaring to stand on higher moral ground.

That is why we put forward the earlier concepts of:

Global Concensus on What are Humans Composed of [ Click to Read ]

A Global Concensus on Human Nature [ Click to read ]

Global Agreement on What is The Optimal Human [ Click to read ]

The Optimal Society in Today’s Multipolar World [ Click to read ]

Declaration of Standing on Higher Moral Ground [ Click to read ]

We all first need to  discuss what are we composed of. On the types of I and me. We need to discuss what is human nature. What is natural to humans and what is unnatural to humans. We need to discuss and agree on what is an optimal human like. We need to discuss what is an optimal society like. At the very least these discussions are required for unity and progress.

We feel all of this is necessary now in a multipolar world. On the same theme a new world order is also required based correct answers to the above.

Now let’s see the current world order.

As things stand the below is the current world order:

– Interest is a good thing. Let’s give loans to the poor on interest and take the principal and lots of interest from them.

– Adultery is not that bad a thing. Let’s make it common, let’s show it on tv and let’s not consider it a crime. Laws are to allow it and it should not be a criminal offence.

– Porn is a good thing; lets allow it, generate it and spread it.

– War is a good thing. Let’s create them, make them happen. Wars help improve human rights.

– Children are not required. The fertility rate can drop and economic prosperity is the better thing.

– Greater economic contribution is better than motherhood.

– Babies don’t need their mothers. Day care centres are better and mothers should work.

– The rich are the best people. If you are rich you are good and great. If you are not rich you need to get rich.

Therefore, as things stand, the current world order is to create wars, take interest from the poor, not produce children, generate porn and allow it, display and allow adultery, prefer economic prosperity over motherhood, take babies away from mothers and to be more and more rich.

Unfortunately some people don’t agree to this world order. Therefore, there is no unity between humans.

We feel a new world order is now required. A new one which people agree on more. A new one based on what humans are actually composed of. One which leads to true peace, prosperity. We justify this based on the fact that the current world order is incorrect on what humans are composed of. That it doesn’t satisfy the needs of humans properly.

Human beings are complex systems of interconnected entities. These are the mind, the body, the soul, the spirit, the heart, the self.

An optimal human would consist of:

– A sound mind which is sound in weighing options.

– A heart of gold which is positive in intentions and has positive emotions.

– A disciplined and tranquil self which has control over ill desires and has positive desires.

Unfortunately the current world order is all based on the desiring self and it’s satisfaction. The current world order is based on the desiring selfs desire for money, comfort, pride, lust etc. This leads to an imbalance in society. Peace and tranquility of the heart are not mentioned.

We note that humans need a good and pure heart, a sound mind and a disciplined self. All three. They need a self which is controlling bad desires instead of allowing them. To be truly happy we need a heart which has pure intentions and a mind which controls the selfs bad desires.

What did the current world order get wrong? It is intending to satisfy the self and only the self.

As things stand:

Satisfaction is sought in the satisfaction of only the selfs desires. The selfs desire for money, comfort, pride, lust etc. Freedom is defined as the freedom to acheive the selfs desires. Desires of the self dictate the mind to put in place actions which would satisfy them. Intentions of the hearts are to satisfy desires of the self.

Unfortunately this system gets busted when there is more money, and even more money sought. There is more objectification on social media and more pride sought. There is ever more comfort sought from machines. There is more lust sought. etc. etc. etc. All based on the selfs desires. But then everyone has a heavy heart and is lost and unhappy on what they are doing. It leaves the heart with heaviness of bad actions.

We propose a new world order which controls the selfs desires and makes way for better, purer hearts. Hearts which have more sincerity and are intending goodness. Goodness that is not defined as satisfaction of the selfs desire for money, comfort, pride, lust etc. Goodness which is defined as sincerity of the hearts intentions and goodness which defined as controlling the bad desires of the self.

A new world order which suppresses the selfs bad desires. A world order which is a desiring self suppression based one. A world order where I is defined as intending I and desiring I in addition to thinking I. Which suppresses the desiring I. Suppresses the I of more money, more pride, more comfort, more lust. Which promotes the I of intending goodness. A new world order which defines freedom as freedom of the heart from lowly desires. One which provides for sincerity of the heart.

We feel this new world order would lead to greater unity and prosperity.

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