Hate Generation and Hate Management

Hate Management is an art. Frustration Generation in people and Hate Direction practiced together change societies. And win elections. At ConceptPaper.org we have earlier presented the concept of:

The Optimal Society in Today’s Multipolar World


Rays Science

Today we present the concept of hate generation and hate management. This is a topic regarding suboptimal humans more than optimal humans. The optimal human consists of inner three components being in equilibrium:

– An optimal mind which is sound in its decision making.

– A heart of gold which is positive in intentions and has positive emotions.

– A disciplined and tranquil self which has control over bad desires and has positive desires.

Suboptimal humans have an undisciplined self having no control over bad desires. A heart which has intention to harm. A mind with sufficient brainwashing (reasoning) to consider the bad desires and harmful intentions as justified executable things. Suboptimal humans have no inner peace and their frustration and hate requires management. A society consisting of a majority of suboptimal humans would be in constant need of frustration and hate management. A society consisting of majority of suboptimal humans would also be susceptible to hate exploitation.

We see that peoples frustrations are used and are directed towards different things. It can be the politicians, the judges, the generals, the religious lobbies, other nations, the rich, the other groups etc.

To generate hate in society discomfort can be generated. Thereafter the frustrated society can be taught to hate. Thereafter their hate can be directed so as to acheive motives.

The opposite of hate is love. Rays Science generates love. Rays Science dictates the repetitive activation of God’s rays for producing optimal humans having love. Love for the Creator. Love for the Creators other creations. Love for goodness. Graciousness and Patience based on love. The heart through repetitive activation of God’s Rays is made softer and taught to feel live.

This is the opposite of hate generation, frustration generation and hate use.

At ConceptPaper.org we have introduced multiple concepts on topics relevant to hate as well. One of them is:

An Intentions Monitoring Body

We have also detailed the concept of a new world order based on self suppression.

New World Order

We feel Hate needs to be a topic of discussion. We propose:

A Hate Monitoring Body

A Hate Misuse Body

A Hate Direction Body

We feel this is necessary. Similarly we suggest the use of Rays Science as a solution.

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