3 Dimensional Future

At ConceptPaper.org Live 3 Dimensional virtual meetups are an important forecast. Although VR headset is the term let’s call them 3D view headsets. Now let’s consider that bandwidths increase to allow live 3 dimensional calls. Now further consider that live 3D view meetings of multiple people also started. We consider this to be an easy possibility for the near future.

VR headsets are already available and 3D videos are also being made. Only further refinement in these technologies and increased bandwidth is required. Thereafter instead of a 2D video call 3D video meetups would become possible.

We consider this to be an advancement bringing in a new era in society. Already cheap internet based voice calls have changed society. Multiple people can now have a voice call easily across continents. 2D video is also possible. If 3D video calls become available we feel they will be used more than simple video as they would give a very real life like experience.

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