Luxury Technology & Needs Technology

There is a difference between needs and luxury and at we would like to introduce the concept of Luxury Technology. We would like for this term to be used to signify elements in technology which are only a luxury. Whereas Needs Technology is that technology which is justified as a need.

It might be different for everyone what is a need and what is a luxury. In technology let’s ask the question: Is 4k video a need or luxury?  Is Ultra HD a need or a luxury? Is video a luxury or a need ? Is rich text chat a luxury or is plain text sufficient ?

We have earlier introduced the concept of Economic Communications Stack. There we stated:

We believe there is great room for plain text and compressed voice communications which would work for hundreds and thousands of people easily. It would be non video and consume low bandwidth, less storage. Such a back to basics Economic Communications Stack would be well suited for countries and groups which can’t afford the expensive HD video conference solutions being touted nowadays. 20 years ago they worked well. Today on current high tech servers 20 years later one server could serve hundreds of users if not tens of thousands. Imagine the feather like bandwidth of plain text and compressed voice on current servers which seem to be made for 4K video.

Everyone is different in needs and luxury. At we only want to put forward the terms of luxury technology and needs technology. Terms for groups to use when discussing their IT budgets.

For example if a low budget organisation goes for luxury technology it would cost more. They should focus on needs technology. They should identify their needs and identify the luxuries in the market and adjust accordingly.

At we feel the reason this is now necessary is because the gap between the rich and poor is now vast due to interest being sucked by the rich. The rich groups have grown richer after taking interest. They have things which are luxuries for most but must-haves for them. Whereas if these luxuries are considered needs by the poor they would be at a loss. That is why we introduced the concept of Economic Communications Stack.

We feel there is a difference between luxury technology and needs technology and that these should be discussed and established. We feel this is very important because the latest luxury technology sometimes brings software upgrades making older technology unusable. Even if the older technology items are still working fine software upgrades based on the latest luxurious new technology kills them. This is not good for the climate. It is also not good for the people for whom the older technology is meeting needs.

We feel the terms luxury technology and needs technology should be used in the market to ease financial burdens on the not so rich.

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