Universal Ban on Alcohol

A drunk person is in a state of mindlessness. At ConceptPaper.org we advocate a universal ban on mindlessness. A universal ban on a tool of mindlessness, i.e. a universal ban on Alcohol.

A state of mindlessness is not an ideal state for a person to be in. If someone is mindless they could probably do something which they will regret later. Primarily because they were in a mindless condition. If someone is mindless they might do something which they would not have done if they were in a full mindful state.

Why then should a tool of mindlessness be available in society ?

Tracking the impact of alcohol is akin to tracking the impact of mindlessness. Families could get broken if you act mindlessly. Your personal information could get shared ahead to someone mindlessly. Your body could be used if you are in a mindless alcoholic state. It has been observed that one way to use someone’s body is to get them drunk.

At ConceptPaper.org we feel alchohol the prime tool of mindlessness should be universally banned from society. We feel this would bring benefit to families, relationships, individuals and all society. One must question the logic behind making a tool of mindlessness available in society. Anyone opposing this ban should provide some logical arguments.

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