Universal Criminalisation of Adultery

Family is an important institution and adultery breaks it. At ConceptPaper.org we introduce the concept of Universal Criminalisation of Adultery. One must question the logic behind its decriminalisation in the first place. One must question the logic of allowing unfaithfulness at such scale.

We have earlier introduced the concept of a Universal Ban on Alcohol. Alchohol is something which leads to mindlessness and in that state one could cause damage to family. Similarly, there should be a universal criminalisation of adultery and it should be punished. At ConceptPaper.org we feel the allowance of alchohol and the allowance of adultery causes damage to the institution of family. This damages the society. It causes damage to children and the next generation. We feel there should be a Universal Criminalisation of Adultery in place to stop this.

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