Government Enjoining Good and Forbidding Wrong

It seems governments are not instructing and propagating goodness. Yes there are laws and people are told laws but teaching morality, good behaviour and propagating goodness is something governments are not actively doing. Similarly governments are not actively asking people to avoid wrongful bad actions.

At we introduce the concept of Governments Enjoining (Advertising, Recommending) Goodness and Forbidding Evil. This means that in addition to laws governments are to have the role of advertisers and propagators as well.

At we feel this is largely left to parents, preachers and private organisations. Governments are not taking part in this at large scale. This leads to what can be called a Headless Society where the battle between goodness and evil is left unattended by leaders.

We feel this should be corrected. Governments should define goodness and higher morals and propagate them actively. Governments should define bad and evil actions and actively promote their avoidance. They should take part in this and not leave society to be ungoverned in this aspect.

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