Neighbourhood Lead and Group Admin

Discussion on WhatsApp can quickly boil out of control. It also causes a flood of messages making the group useless for some. It has been observed that a group where people can’t talk but are present can be used to announce and co-ordinate. To that end would like to introduce the concept of Neighbourhood Lead and Group Admin whereby a person is a group lead for a neighbourhood. He receives messages from members in a suburb, colony or society and then after reviewing them announces them to all the neighbours.

One of the important aspect of being a neighbour is that no one in the neighbourhood should sleep hungry while their neighbours have eaten well. One can put more water in their curry and feed a poor neighbour. For the coordination of this we feel an administered group which is lead, reviewed and is announcement focused can be used. So if someone has an extra food item ( anything extra or for sale ) they can sent to the lead and it can be announced.

We feel this will help neighbours take care of each other and that a Neighbourhood Lead and Group Admin on a muted group is a good way to implement this.

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