Physical Punishment instead of Financial Punishment

Should punishment be physical or financial is an interesting question. To probe this we ask some questions.

If someone is poor and surviving on government welfare should their punishment be a fine of money ?

If someone is rich and they have boatloads of money such that they can pay fines very easily should their punishment be a fine of money ?

From these it appears that financial punishment is good for the middle class. It is not made for the poor or the rich.

At we feel their is room for administered physical punishment in addition to financial punishment. Perhaps if someone is very poor or is very rich or doesn’t want to give money they can be punished by physical pain instead.

We feel the above questions should be answered as to how someone on government welfare will pay a fine ? Or why would a rich person care for a fine ?

We feel there is room for Physical Punishment instead of Financial Punishment due to these reasons.

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