Rays Science, the Uneasy Heart and Climate Change

Shopping and consumerism are driven by an uneasy hearts wishes. Rays Science ( introduced earlier ) proposes the activation of God’s rays to illuminate the heart and give it peace. Human beings are composed of a heart which feels, a self which desires and a mind which thinks. At ConceptPaper.org we link rays science and the uneasy heart to climate change. This is because much of consumerism and materialism in today’s society in caused by the selfs desires and an uneasy unlit heart. If God’s Rays were activated the heart would be at peace where comfort would not be sought in shopping and consumerism. This would benefit the climate. Climate change is being driven by insatiable desires where peace and comfort is sought in things.

Peace of the heart is in the activation of God’s Rays to illuminate it. Today society seeks peace in consumerism and shopping causing havoc on the climate. Insatiable desires are driving the industries while activating God’s rays instead would give more peace to the heart.

At ConceptPaper.org we introduce the concept of rays science, the uneasy heart and climate change where instead of consumerism peace is attained through the activation of God’s Rays.

Please see our earlier concepts on Rays Science as well for further details.

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