War-Less Future or Stupidity

The future seems War-Less as the worlds appetite for wars has diminished. At ConceptPaper.org we feel that the internet, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and social media has created a world where nobody wants to die in war and nobody wants a war. It appears that justifying a war is increasingly becoming impossible and everyone simply wants economic prosperity. Defense of ideologies has shifted to social media and boots on the ground is something not everyone is prepared to commit for ideology.

At ConceptPaper.org we feel that there are two more factors contributing to a War-Less Future.

One is the possibility of the weaponisation of space whereby satellites could be shot down. We feel that increasingly more use of satellite communications is occurring. This means satellite shooting down capacity becomes a problem for global order. Any country with sufficient capacity to shoot down satellites could disrupt communications and global order.

The second factor is Cybersecurity whereby nations could disrupt each others Cybersecurity if threatened. We feel internet and communications will further become imbedded in society and global order will decide that no nation state hacks anyone deeply and systems remain secure.

These two weapons of space shootdown and cybersecurity give rise to the need of a global order where nation states are required to not indulge in them, not sponsor them and not do them as a joint understanding. This give rise to a mutually assured disruption capacity in global order. This results in joint understanding of peace and no war.

At ConceptPaper.org we propose the concept of War-Less Future or Stupidity. Either there will be agreement to not have wars or there will be disruption in global order to a scale which could be called stupidity. We feel social media, a loss of appetite for wars, satellite communications, cybersecurity, a loss of ideological grounding for war related deaths and difficulty of justifying wars is responsible for this.

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