Ummat Level Zakat System

Zakat redistribution at Ummat level would reduce much poverty. There should be a proper system to implement this. An OIC backed governments facilitated system.

At we feel the internet can easily facilitate this. Electronic money transfer is now so easy that an Ummat level Zakat redistribution is easily possible.

There are wealthy people and wealthy countries in the Ummat and there are poor countries and poor people. There might be countries in the Ummat so wealthy that not many people would be present to take Zakat. While in another country there would be more takers and less givers.

One of the prime responsibilities of the state in Islam is zakat management. Therefore governments should facilitate Zakat redistribution and an Ummat level system should be governments backed.

At we feel an Ummat level Zakat system would reduce much poverty and bring prosperity in the whole Ummat. It would bring love and unity in the Ummat and this should exist.

Government Facilitation of Zakat

A proper Zakat system is a state responsibility. An important one. This is the biggest means of countering wealth inequality and reducing poverty. Capitalism seems to have removed Zakat from state responsibility and it has left it to individuals. If the government as the largest entity in the country doesn’t enforce and facilitate Zakat then the wealthy may not pay it and the poor may not get it. This increases poverty.

At we feel Government Facilitation of Zakat should be solidly implemented. Electronic means of redistribution of money can easily be arranged and it would be easy to implement this given the will.

Reversal of Capitalism through Zakat

Zakat seems the opposite of Interest. Where interest takes more money on capital loans from the needy, Zakat takes an amount from wealth and gives it to the needy. It reverses what interest does and reverses the bad effects of Capitalism and inequality.

Zakat is also a prime example of countering the 1% and 99% phenomenon. Income equality exists in capitalism based countries where 1% of the people have more and most money. While 99% or the rest of people have a huge gap and less money. The Occupy Wall Street movement is a prime example of the less privileged 99% people expressing frustration at the 1% wealth concentration.

At we feel Zakat is a prime example of an anti-capitalism activity to reduce inequality. We feel the effects of capitalism should be countered via bringing a solid Zakat system.

Afghanistan Visa Free Travel

Visa free travel is suitable for Afghanistan. This is because of its landlocked central geography. At we feel unity and prosperity in Asia would flourish a lot if Afghanistan announces visa free travel for all of its neighbours.

We feel at first another project is required. Our earlier concept of:

Afghanistan CCTV Cameras Program

China is a good example of how CCTV cameras can be put to good use and provide deep security. Some estimates state that there are more than 400 million surveillance cameras in China. Estimates say 54 percent of the world’s 770 million surveillance cameras are situated in China. They provide solid security. Afghanistan should have a broad CCTV coverage program and then should announce visa free travel. As a centrally located country this would greatly benefit the whole region. It would reignite a connectivity bubble between central asian countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan to Iran, Pakistan and China.

At we feel an Afghanistan national CCTV program followed with visa free travel would be good for the whole region. It could also lead to our earlier concept of an Asian Union.

Afghan Taliban and Women Rights Averages

The Afghan Taliban’s record on Women Rights is being debated heavily. At we present a list of averages in society which should be included in the debate. These are:

Average adultery rate

Average divorce rate

Average rate of change of sex partners

Average extramarital sex rate

Average drunk sex rate

Average illegitimate children rate

Average rate of preserved Father-Mother family

Along with these the following topics should also be included in the debate:

Institution to raise offspring (Family)

Preservation of the institution to raise offspring (Family)

Legal mechanisms of sexual requirement fulfillment (Marriage)

Mechanism of preservation of marriage

Prevention of short circuiting between men and women in society (affairs)

These titles are self explanatory and for a wholesome discussion on Women Rights, Men’s Rights, Women’s Duties and Men’s Duties these need to be included in the debate. This is because the Afghan Taliban come with a different view on Women’s Rights and Men’s Rights. They come with a different view on Women’s Duties and Men’s Duties. Most of the rights or duties are considered controversial because they set out to control unabated mixing of the opposite genders. This is because they set out to preserve faithfulness, marriage and family strictly. At we feel a wholesome discussion shoud include the above averages to compare societies which are liberal to those which are reserved.