An Emir = Politician, Beureucrat and General Together

An Emir is a Politician, Beureucrat and General together in one person. At we introduce this concept to highlight how a strange dichotomy of institutions, powers and persons occurs in modern society. People elect leaders who are professional politicians. The administrative work is done by beureucrats. The generals control a separate full entity and dictate security.

In contrast an Emir is all three.

There is also another dichotomy of State and Government. Where a prime minister heads the government and a president heads the state.

Therefore there is abeureucrat, general, politician, legislator, state head and government head division. It’s an interesting circus.

Let’s contrast this with corporations which are also as big as governments now.

Corporations don’t seem to have so many players. They have a CEO like an Emir. The CEO is a final authority sign off assisted by a CFO for finance and a CTO for technology and other C’s as needed. It almost seems like this structure is better. Within corporations there are managers, senior managers, directors and project managers. They are people who are Naib Emir or Emir-Delegates each with a specific function entrusted on them.

There is another interesting aspect where professional politicians are sometimes termed as legislators. They legislate, i.e they make laws. This they do in coordination with beureucrats. Whether they have read law is not much relevant as they are politicians but they make the laws.

Government contract awards and decisions are handled behind a sea of paperwork. This is not the case for corporations. Corporations have paperwork as well but not a sea which is never ending and slow. The paperwork of corporations is efficient. Which means the beureucrat, general, politician, legislator, state and government divisions make public service a mess. Whereas corporations have it more efficient with a CEO at the head commanding things with policies and procedures to get things done.

At we introduce the concept of An Emir = Politician, Beureucrat and General Together. This is to bring about a discussion on why governments are slow, very slow and inefficient. And why corporations are much faster and more efficient.

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