Afghan Taliban and Women Rights Averages

The Afghan Taliban’s record on Women Rights is being debated heavily. At we present a list of averages in society which should be included in the debate. These are:

Average adultery rate

Average divorce rate

Average rate of change of sex partners

Average extramarital sex rate

Average drunk sex rate

Average illegitimate children rate

Average rate of preserved Father-Mother family

Along with these the following topics should also be included in the debate:

Institution to raise offspring (Family)

Preservation of the institution to raise offspring (Family)

Legal mechanisms of sexual requirement fulfillment (Marriage)

Mechanism of preservation of marriage

Prevention of short circuiting between men and women in society (affairs)

These titles are self explanatory and for a wholesome discussion on Women Rights, Men’s Rights, Women’s Duties and Men’s Duties these need to be included in the debate. This is because the Afghan Taliban come with a different view on Women’s Rights and Men’s Rights. They come with a different view on Women’s Duties and Men’s Duties. Most of the rights or duties are considered controversial because they set out to control unabated mixing of the opposite genders. This is because they set out to preserve faithfulness, marriage and family strictly. At we feel a wholesome discussion shoud include the above averages to compare societies which are liberal to those which are reserved.

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