Recorded Remote Work Model

Remote work on a computer can be recorded. At we feel if you hire someone to work remotely say for 2 hours you could ask him to record his desktop for the two hours. There is a thinking, researching and doing part in every work. Tell him to research in a browser and take notes while thinking so these can be recorded. Tell him to record the doing part as well. So in the end you will get a 2 hour desktop recording of the work along with the works output.

We feel the below justify this:

– Increased freelancing

– Increased remote work

– In the 8 hour workday model many people actually work 4 or 6 hours only.

These justify a Recorded Remote Work Model. It’s simple. You hire a freelancer for 2 hours per day remotely anywhere in the world. As him to do the job and record his desktop screen for the 2 hours. Tell him to take notes on the desktop when planning as well. Type everything and record everything and share that as well.

If the employer wants to evaluate the two hours work. They can play the video at x 3 time speed etc. Quickly see and skim through the video.

In this model you can hire distributed freelancers doing recorded remote work and you can hire a further staff to evaluate the recordings. A recordings evaluation officer. So make 5 people do 2 hours recorded work per day. That’s 10 hours video per day. Make 1 person play the recordings and evaluate work at x 4 speed in a much shorter duration.

We feel this is possible and could lead to efficiency.

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  1. Zain Nazir says:

    Reviewing will work take another 2 hours of the person who hired him so why he should pay him next time for the same task, just follow the steps he did & share it with others. I think free lancing work can take a hit too because of recording unless they are copyrights.


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