The Freelancers are Freedom Fighters

In an age of Capitalism the freelancers are freedom fighters. At we introduce this concept due to multiple reasons. They are:

– Political control of job market and political allocation of jobs.

– Tax evasion by large corporations while making use of employees skillset for their systems.

– Money crunch being exercised on individuals, families and nations at local political scale or large political scale.

– Political control of money supply.

A freelancer breaks free from the politically controlled job market and earns independently with a laptop and internet. He avoids any money crunch on him or his family. He also earns money for the nation if the nation is being subjected to money crunch. He does not serve the whole money control system by supporting large corporations which are evading taxes.

Therefore at we put forward the concept that the freelancers are freedom fighters.

Enablers of Digitization – The Digital Revolution

Digitization and the digital revolution is happening in front of our eyes. The currency of this revolution are CPUs, Memory, Disk Drives, Chips, Servers and Routers etc. At we feel this digital revolution will bring positive change in society. More connectivity, more ease of doing business, better workplace tools and an all round better society. We feel the most important of these is the concept of a Digital Assistant.

We define the concept of Digital Assistant as a machine which assists humans. Whether it is a mobile device with Siri assisting, Amazon Alexa at home assisting or the office laptop with a software digital assistant installed. This single phenomenon of a Digital Assistant assisting humans in all walks of life is a common standing point. The human can be an office worker being assisted at work or anyone else being assisted personally. We feel AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Algorithms, Cloud Computing and automation are all moving in the direction of enabling efficient digital assistance to humans. Slowly people in all walks of life are being aided and assisted by software tools in the form of mobile apps and smart devices at home. More and more software solutions are appearing to assist businesses.

At we introduce the concept of Enablers of Digitization. These are the Software Engineers. In all aspects of the digital revolution which is happening the most key enablers are software engineers who can write code. Writing code is perhaps the most important aspect of executing digitization. To write code is to digitize.

At we feel there are not enough enablers i.e. not enough software engineers in the world. We feel that post-pandemic the demand for digitization is such that there simply might not be enough people available to write code.

There is another problem which is very important and should be noted. It is that that good software engineers are required to have the below abilities amongst others:

Logical thinking, attention to even the most minute detail, excellent problem solving, patience, persistence, ability to read and interpret technical information quickly, etc.

This means that good software engineers are very intelligent and highly educated people. They have skills and capabilities above that of normal average humans.

To write code requires logical thinking and attention to minute details. To develop software you need to be able to read and interpret technical information quickly. In every aspect of writing algorithms and code you need excellent problem solving skills. To troubleshoot code and make it work you need patience and persistence. High IQ and excellent capabilities are required. Therefore not everyone can do this.

At we introduce this concept of Enablers of Digitization – The Digital Revolution. We simply wanted to bring to light the value of the good software engineers which will enable the digital revolution happening.

MBSE-IT Model Based Systems Education – IT

Software model based system engineering is a known thing. It is where software models are used instead of documents. At we feel model based IT systems education is required. The field of IT has now become so vast and complex that only software models can track it. It is beyond the capacity of documents to track, train and educate people in IT. We need software model based education.

Capella is an open source models development tool by Thales. It is used for complex models development for complex systems like satellites, aerospace etc. It can be used for developing IT professional models to train and educate on IT systems which are now as complex as satellites and aerospace.

At we feel there should be Model Based Systems Education in IT due to complex IT systems.