Capitalist Money Diversion Tactics

In this Concept Paper we put forward the proposition that cryptocurrencies are a capitalist diversion so that lots money does not convert into anything real and anything tangible.
It is a complete large scale intentful mechanism so that money of lots of people is parked and goes from number X to number Y only.
Thereby theory only and nothing tangible. Such that this money does not do anything which could damage current capitalist systems.
One of the aims of capitalist systems is to not only make you work and earn but also to control where you spend your money so your money is not used for anything that damages their system.
Hence cryptocurrency where your money gets spent and maths numbers are changing but there is nothing real and nothing tangible being done which could cause damage to capitalist systems.
In contrast take for example if a migrant from an underdeveloped country invests in building houses in his own country back home and renting them. Then this migrants money gets converted into tangible things included labor salaries and food and a house to live in. That too in the underdeveloped country back home. Lots of salaries paid and lots of economic activity. And even after all this the person himself owns the house and it is his wealth. It is something real and not just numbers. A tangible asset and someone really gets to live in it and has space to live in even if paying rent. This is money which damages the capitalist aim of keeping underdeveloped countries poor, weak and even paying interests on debts continuously. Therefore crypto is a racket so that this tangible house and these tangible salaries giving food to labor in underdeveloped countries do not happen. Instead money gets invested and nothing real happens and only numbers change. This is just one example of what else money could do.
Voila! The beauty of a capitalist racket where they made you work and then earn and then spend too somewhere such that their own capitalists systems remain in tact and only numbers change.
Also it could be stated that much of stocks in theory is almost the same. Number change where money is Number X and becomes Number Y. Not much tangible and also within the capitalist systems. In this aspect many stocks are number changes only too. So you earn but your earning does not damage capitalist systems of controlling the world.
If you take the money in stock markets and instead make software houses happen in underdeveloped countries or if you dont want to take the risk then make houses then instead of stock market numbers changing your money will convert into real and tangible food for the downtrodden labor and a house to live in later. Thereby your money will damage capitalist intentions to keep underdeveloped countries very poor. This ties to systematic brain drain and immigrations too.
Therefore it could be stated that the current stock market and crypto is given to people so that their money changes from number X to number Y and does not do anything real. So you work, earn and keep the system alive and do not damage it. Nothing tangible happens to your money and your money does not convert into anything anyone can ‘touch’.
If all the migrants from underdeveloped countries take out their money from stocks and crypto and instead build houses back in their underdeveloped countries capitalism gets damaged. Tangible, real things happen. And the people still get an asset and wealth and rent.
BUT, but, but the capitalist control of that underdeveloped country gets a bullet in the chest because your money caused poverty reduction there.
Similarly this is an example. You could invest in an AI/ML startup back in your underdeveloped country. Maybe run a school. Maybe even sponsor a PhD student for a few years to research something!! And science and technology could progress in the underdeveloped country but this is completely opposite to capitalist interests which is to keep poor countries poor. Instead people are kept to focus on changing money from numbers X to Y.

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