The Few for The Age of Why

In this Concept Paper we discuss why there are so few educated people for The Age of Why. Currently educated scientists are thinking ‘how’ are things made and ‘how’ are things working this way. So we are in The Age of How.
The Age of Why is when educated scientists think ‘why’ did God Almighty make things this way. ‘Why’ were things made this way by the God Almighty. The transition from The Age of How to The Age of Why is taking a long time and there are reasons for this. It is because there are only few people left for The Age of Why. Let’s track one prime reason here.

To start with Islamic Education Systems are very few and so there are few scientists who think ‘why’. Few scientists think why did God Almighty make things this way. Most education systems are hacked to produce secularised individuals keen to earn money. We are in the age of capitalism and we are shown advertisements everywhere which is a key entity in this system. Most education systems are keen to produce talented people who could earn more and more money. Most parents see advertisements of a better life and motivate their kids to study – to earn more. So the prime driver is money in this system and not knowledge. In this system to fit in and to earn more these educated people need to adopt secularised values. Whoever seeks to fit in and earn more adopts secularised thought processes and vocabulary to get a better job and earn more. Thereafter even educated individuals do not end up thinking ‘why’ did God make things this way.
This seems like one big reason why there are only few people left for The Age of Why. In this Concept Paper we tracked this reason.

All Humans are Cousins and Love is King

In this concept paper we report that all humans are actually cousins and that love is king.

It’s interesting to note the story of Adam and Eve. All humans are grandsons and grandaughters of Adam and Eve; therefore we are all cousins.

Similarly Love is in the heart. And it is king. Love in the heart is king in the kingdom of hearts. Love of God, love of humanity, love of Prophets, love of guidance, love of fellow creations of God the Almighty. This is stated as:

محبت فاتحِ عالم

in another language which means love is the conqueror of the world’s.

This ties to our earlier concept of what are humans composed of:

Concensus on What Humans are Composed of

Basically humans have a heart, a mind, a self and a spirit inside of us. The above link has further details.

In this concept we highlight that all humans are cousins and that love is king.