Economic Communications Stack


A long time ago there was IRC Chat. It was invented in 1988 and was plain text with channels and direct messages.

Additionally one of the first famous voice over IP audio call service was started in 2003. That’s 18 years ago and it worked well.

At we believe there is room for back to basics communications which are low on bandwidth, storage but work perfectly fine. Like they did 20 years ago. We call this concept the Economic Communications Stack.

We believe there is great room for plain text and compressed voice communications which would work for hundreds and thousands of people easily. It would be non video and consume low bandwidth, less storage. Such a back to basics Economic Communications Stack would be well suited for countries and groups which can’t afford the expensive HD video conference solutions being touted nowadays. 20 years ago they worked well. Today on current high tech servers 20 years later one server could serve hundreds of users if not tens of thousands. Imagine the feather like bandwidth of plain text and compressed voice on current servers which seem to be made for 4K video.

This Economic Communications Stack would be easy to implement securely by anyone and would ease burden on costs. The HD video conferencing solutions of today are expensive and costly on resources in all aspects. Whereas an implementation of a back to basics plain communications stack would be cheap for everyone to implement.

At we believe there is room for a communications which is low on bandwidth, storage and we call it the Economic Communications Stack.

Intentions Monitoring Body


What is someone intending ? What are these group of people intending ? What does this country intend to do ? What is the intent behind an action ?

At we consider that a global Intentions Monitoring Body is required. This is necessary to monitor the intentions of individuals, groups and countries. The impact of actions is important but the intention behind an action is also very important. It should be discussed.

We believe this is a difficult task but there is room for such a body where intentions could be put forth and discussed. Like an announcement by an individual that I am going to do this and my intention is to achieve such and such result. Similarly for a group announcement or a country announcement of intent.

Mistrust is a great cause of disunity. Good intentions are a force opposite to mistrust. We observe that mistrust is everywhere in society, locally and globally. For example consider the intent behind a certain advertisement. Shouldn’t it be discussed ? Consider the intent behind making a certain movie or the intent behind a significant step taken by an organised set of individuals. Should it be discussed such that trust and mistrust could be settled.

At we believe that a Global Intentions Monitoring Body is now possible with the well connected world. A place is required where intentions behind a step could be put forth and could be questioned. A place where mistrust could be addressed and answered. We believe such a global entity would help bring unity and peace by settling mistrusts prevalent between individuals, groups and countries.

We believe a big mistrust being placed on an intention announced in the global body would help society. A concensus of mistrust being placed on an action would help discourage bad intentions and lead to actions which have good impacts. We believe that a Global Intentions Monitoring Body which would discuss the intentions behind actions will help the advancement of unity and peace in the world.

e-Connected Family

Where are you dad, mom? The most common question asked within family over a call to each other. Between husband and wife or children and parents. The act of taking out a phone, dialing, letting it ring, picking a phone, asking a question and getting the result repeated ever so often worldwide.

At we believe there should be industry collaboration to help prevent this repetition. Technological advancement can result in the concept of e-Connected Family where you can all see each other’s location securely. Also as part of the concept we believe it should be much simpler to ask should I make dinner ? from a family member then dialing and asking.

The e-Connected Family can see where they are and can ask simple questions easily. Some parental controls could also be added as part of this concept.

We call this concept the e-Connected Family and believe it will make life easier.

Weighted Democracy


People are different in regards to the knowledge they have, their age, their experience. At we believe different people’s votes should have different weights and should not be equal. We call this Weighted Democracy.

To give examples we ask the following questions:

1. Is a 25 year old persons experience the same as a 70 years old’s ?

2. Is a person who has PhD in history and has taught history for 20 years equal to person who can’t read properly and has never read a book ?

3. Is a person who has raised 5 children and has guided 5 children till adulthood equal in experience to someone who is single with no children ?

At we believe people are different and different people’s votes should have different weights and should not be equal. We believe this to be a valid concept and we think that a Weighted Democracy would be better then unweighted democracy.

Concensus on What Humans are Composed of


There is disagreement on what humans are composed of. At we consider that there is a requirement for a global Concensus on What Humans are Composed of.

Humans are made of the body, a mind, the self, a heart, a soul, a spirit. Unfortunately there is no concensus within all humanity on these components. We consider that with the internet and the state of worldwide connectivity there is room for discussion on this.

Humanity is more connected to each other accross the globe than ever before but they disagree on what they are composed of. We consider that for humanity to further progress there needs to be an agreement on 2 things:

Global Concensus on What are Humans Composed of

Global Concensus on What is Natural to Humans and What is unnatural to Humans.

For further peace and progress of humanity we believe global agreement on these is necessary. It is only this agreement between humanity which will result in unity. After agreeing on what we are made of and what is natural for us and what is unnatural then humanity will progress. With the internet and global connectivity this is now possible. After agreeing on what we are made of and after agreeing on what is natural for us and what is unnatural then only can there be agreement on what is good, what is bad, what should be done, what should not be done. Then only can there be unity.

At we consider that there is a requirement for a Global Concensus on What are Humans are Composed of. We consider this as a very necessary precursor to further progress, unity and peace.

Concensus on Human Nature


We consider the concept of a Consensus on Human Nature to be ultimately important to achieving peace and unity. Concensus on human nature is also important to achieving peace internally, in family, in society and between nations.

If you try to make a fish walk it will be difficult because it is made for swimming. It is unnatural to try to make a fish walk. Similarly there are physical, spiritual, mental things which are natural to humans. There are physical, spiritual, mental things which are unnatural to humans.

We consider that what is natural to humans will bring peace to humans and what is unnatural will bring difficulty.

As part of analysis of human nature it is important to consider what a human is composed of. Humans are made of the body, a mind, the self, a heart, a soul. There are requirements and natural things for each part. There are natural and peaceful things for the mind. There are things which are unnatural and damaging for the mind. There are requirements natural for the heart like love. There are things which are unnatural and damaging for the heart and emotions. There are requirements which are natural for the self. There are requirements which are natural and unnatural for the body.

We consider that the Internet has connected humanity like never before and there should be Global Consensus on Human Nature. This would benefit humanity and it would result in a concensus on what is unnatural to humans. This knowledge would help us all make natural and peaceful decisions in alignment with what is natural to the heart, body, mind, self and soul. It would help us avoid what is unnatural to the heart, body, mind, self and soul.

A Global Concensus on Human Nature will be an important step for humanity. Collaborative discussion on this is now possible via the globally connected internet.

The Natural Way of Life:

Living a natural way of life will bring peace in an individual. Living a natural way of life will bring peace in a family. Living a natural way of life will bring peace in a society. Living a natural way of life will bring peace internationally.

Case Study 1: The Natural Way of Life

As a case study of living a natural way of life and bringing peace Islam has laid claim to be ‘The Natural Way of Life’. It is stated that ‘Islam Deen-e-Fitrat hey’ (Urdu). That Islam is the natural way of life. What this means is that the complex interconnected system that makes the mind, body, heart, soul, spirit, self, individual, society; Islam lays claim that it presents a system which bring peace to this complex system. It lays claim that its system is natural and peaceful for the mind, body, heart, soul, spirit, self, individuals, family, society. Islam lays claim to be addressing human nature.

We consider the concept of a Global Consensus on Human Nature to be ultimately important to achieving peace and unity.

Open Public Government


It has been observed that a lot of dealings done by the government and government personnel are behind closed doors. A lot of financial decisions lack transparency and in general if the public became aware of those decisions they would object to it.

We consider the concept of Open and Public Government to be valid. This is now doable due to technology. Knowledge of all salaries of government servants, all bids, all project expenses, all procurement costs, all payments, all services paid for by tax should be available publicly and openly to all of that country’s citizens.

This means that if the government makes a hospital then knowledge of every dollar spent from start to end would be made publicly and openly available to that country’s citizens. Soft copies of such items are easily possible now in text and spreadsheet forms due to bandwidths now available on devices. It will only take a low amount of Mbs to share all costs incurred even with descriptions of the reason for these costs.

Open and Public Government is a very valid argument. The reason behind this is that when you are financing something you should be generally able to find out where the money went. It only means that one should know where his own money is being spent. Most money with the government is the citizens own money and so the citizens should be able to know where their own money is being spent.

This concept is easily possible now due to current advancements in technology. We consider Open and Public Government to be a valid concept and consider that it will increase transparency and trust.

List of Concepts


Sun Computing

World Bank of Questions and Answers

e-Connected Family

Internet Morality Engineering

Sunlight Surfaces Engineering

Economic Communications Stack

Child Protection e-Amulet

World Facial Recognition Database

World Fingerprint Database

World Unique Internet ID PIN

World Internet Peer Pin Mechanism

Identity Verified e-Activity

Identity Verified e-Referendum

Identity Verified e-Opinion Polling

Identity Verified e-Election

Loneliness Social Media Platform

#Hashtag Standards Body

Standard Internet Sign-up Mechanism

Crowd Code Security Open Source Code

Open Algorithm Social Media

Connected VR

Luxury Technology and Needs Technology

Distributed Cybersecurity

What will happen when bandwidths are very high!

Humanity and Unity

Impacts of Migrating to the West

Concensus on what humans are composed of

Agreement on what is The Optimal Human like

Concensus on Human Nature

Intentions Monitoring Body

Key Performance Indicators of the World and Humanity

Structured Collaboration on Supremacy of Thought

Growth of Internet

Loneliness Social Media Platform

Closed Loop Money Cycle

Closed Loop Food and Water Money Cycle

The Optimal Society in Today’s Multipolar World

Pre-election Social Media Shutdown

Hate Generation and Hate Management

New World Order

Declaration of Standing on Higher Moral Ground

Universal Ban on Alcohol

Universal Criminalisation of Adultery

Asian Union

War-Less Future or Stupidity

Physical Punishment instead of Financial Punishment

Neighbourhood Lead and Group Admin

Government Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil

Afghan Taliban and the West


Weighted Democracy

Open Public Government

The Optimal Government

Afghanistan National CCTV Program

Afghanistan Distributed Solar Energy Commission

Government Enforced Zakat Collection and Disbursement

Physical Punishment instead of Financial Punishment

Government Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil

Afghan Taliban and the West

God’s Rays

Scientific Analysis of God’s Rays

Rays Science

Ray Parenting

Rays Science, the Uneasy Heart and Climate Change


Dragon Parent – Double EE Parenting

Child Protection e-Amulet

Ray Parenting

Upcoming Concepts:

– E-Child ID

– Worry Free Parenting

– Department of Heart Sciences and Pure Intentions

– Optimal Society

– Optimisation and Transformation into Optimal Humans

– Global e-Invoicing Standard

– Smartphone as Walkie Talkie

– Local Non Central Calling

– Local Non Central Conferencing

– Greater use of Radio Band

– Home Traffic Monitoring Hub

To have a concept presented to you please contact us: Investors Relations

Internet Morality Engineering


Human beings are composed of the body and non physical entities. The non physical entities consist of the mind, the self, the soul, the heart. This multifold composition is interconnected and makes a complex system. The sustenance for the physical domain is food, water and air among other things. The inputs to the inner entities are from seeing, listening, contemplating, speaking and interacting. The mind, the self, the heart and the soul are impacted by seeing, listening, contemplating etc. The eyes and the ears are two of the primary entry points to the heart and the mind. The mind and the heart can be corrupted by evil content and can be refined by good content.

Content regulation for society is an exercise of preventing the spread of evil and suppressing evil while allowing the good information to be available. A battleground for evil and good content occurs on the Internet and we feel there is room for Internet Morality Engineering. We define Internet Morality Engineering as labeling content on the internet as acceptable or inappropriate, as evil or good.

The internet is public, openly available and largely unregulated. Some societies exercise content regulation but there is no worldwide coordinated exercise for this. There is no worldwide internet content regulation to suppress ill content and allow goodness to flourish.

The Internet seems to have a morality crisis. We propose that there should be an Internet Morality Engineering Task Force. Its role would be to define and describe evil, unacceptable content and to ‘at-source’ tag this content so that it can be filtered easily at browser level. We feel as part of Internet Morality Engineering all published public content should have a morality level tag. This would be similar to G, PG and M ratings for content on TV. As part of Internet Morality Engineering individual users should also be required to tag their content if it will be available to the general public on the global internet.
We feel this exercise is important for good to flourish and evil to be suppressed and it is necessary for children, the next generation and all people.

Scientific Analysis of God’s Rays

There is a movement in Pakistan to make spirituality a super science. To that end considers this to be a ray of hope and puts forward the concept of a Scientific Analysis of God’s Rays.

It has been observed multiple times that different religions exercise the concept of recital to activate or receive rays of God and receive spiritual energy. Mostly words are recited to attract Gods rays and energy. Different religions have different words in different languages for this purpose.
We consider that there is room for a scientific analysis to be conducted to study Gods rays and discover their effects.

End of Concept.

Case Study:

Gods Rays in Islam

In Islam the concept of Sufism and Spirituaity has deep roots. In this practice God’s rays are activated by repeated recital of words in Arabic. The Islamic book of God, the Quran Majeed is the most recited book in the world and is a prime focal point of Ray activation.

Mega Ray in Islam:
The Mega Ray of Islam is considered to be La ilaha il Allah. This Rays activation has been practiced extensively. At the time of the announcement of war in 1965 the President of Pakistan Ayub Khan is said to have activated this Mega Ray by saying the words: which nation have they attacked, one which says La ilaha il Allah. This is said to have caused the activation of the Mega Ray and to have affected the war.

On an individual scale the mega ray of La ilaha il Allah is said to affect the heart and even diminish the effects of unlawful means of physical sustenance. This mega rays activation is extensively practiced in spirituality in Islam to affect an individual persons inner state.

Other Rays in Islam:

The 99 names of God are direct ray activation points in Islam. For example if one recites the name Ya Haadi, O Guider then he activates the energy and the rays contained in this name and would receive guidance. Similarly if one invokes the name Ya Haleem, O Forbearing then one receives the energy and rays of forbearance. Similarly the entire Quran is composed of multiple combination of words and sentences which have energy and ray activation effects according to their meaning.

Effects of Rays in Islam:

The activation of these rays affect the heart and therefore the mind and therefore the body and therefore the personality of a person. Spiritual masters of Islam are experts in the different effects of these different rays. They assign them to a disciple according to his requirement. The spiritual master analyses the ray requirements of their disciple and suggests the relevant ray activation.

End of Case Study.

As the activation of these rays affect the heart and therefore the mind, the body we consider that there is room to conduct a scientific analysis of these rays.

Sunlight Surfaces Engineering


Renewable energy is a key concept in todays technology landscape and society in general. This is happening as society consistently consumes more and more electricity. We feel there is ground for Sunlight Surfaces Engineering where direct solar light or reflected solar light could be used during daytime to generate electricity. Sunlight Surfaces engineering proposes:
– Mobile device covers to be solar charging providers for mobiles.
– Car rooftops to be solar charging providers for electric cars.
– Laptop and tablet covers to be solar charging providers.
– Surfaces to be charge provider where required.

We define this concept to make better use of surfaces during daytime. This will consist of surfaces directly exposed to sunlight and also surfaces receiving reflected daylight. We call this Sunlight Surfaces Engineering.

World Bank of Questions and Answers


A trend increasing in society is to ask a question from Google. Another increasing trend is for people to talk to devices and ask a question. This includes mobiles or personal assitant devices at home like Hey Google and Amazon Alexa. It is observed that increasingly adults and children alike are talking to devices to ask simple questions.

For both search engines and technical personal assistant devices it is evident that one of the most common use is to ask an ordinary question and to receive an answer. For example a child asking the question Hey Google what is physiology? Similarly someone asking the meaning of a word.
We propose the concept that there should be a World Bank of Questions and Answers which these devices could use. There are questions being asked from these devices and dispersed answers are given. This should be standardised. The question and answer phenomenon is increasing considerably in children and youngsters. We feel a global body on questions and their answers should exist.

A global standard World Bank of Questions and Answers.

Sun Computing


Renewable energy is a trend for energy generation to power IT data centers. Another trend is that of distributed cloud and edge cloud where racks of IT equipment are spread across geographically dispersed locations. Another trend is the increase of solar powered telecom base station towers. These three trends together make Sun Computing feasible:
– Renewable Energy
– Distributed and Edge Cloud
– Solar Powered Telecom Base Stations

We define Sun Computing as distributed solar powered racks. The racks can consist of desired IT equipment powered by the Sun. They can be back-haul connected via any available technology be it satellite, microwave, fibre or 5G. They will be powered by the Sun during the day and either turned off at night or on battery. The racks can be distributed and connected while offering services according to the equipment inside them. This could be processor equipment, storage equipment or connectivity equipment.

We call this concept Sun Computing and feel there is room for this in the technology space.