Scientific Analysis of Gods Rays

The prime minister of Pakistan has stated that we will make spirituality a super science and that we consider spirituality to be a super science. To that end considers this to be a ray of hope and puts forward the concept of a Scientific Analysis of Gods Rays.

It has been observed multiple times that different religions exercise the concept of recital to activate or receive rays of God and receive spiritual energy. Mostly words are recited to attract Gods rays and energy. Different religions have different words in different languages for this purpose.
We consider that there is room for a scientific analysis to be conducted to study Gods rays and discover their effects.

End of Concept.

Case Study:

Gods Rays in Islam

In Islam the concept of Sufism and Spirituaity has deep roots. In this practice God’s rays are activated by repeated recital of words in Arabic. The Islamic book of God, the Quran Majeed is the most recited book in the world and is a prime focal point of Ray activation.

Mega Ray in Islam:
The Mega Ray of Islam is considered to be La ilaha il Allah. This Rays activation has been practiced extensively. At the time of the announcement of war in 1965 the President of Pakistan Ayub Khan is said to have activated this Mega Ray by saying the words: which nation have they attacked, one which says La ilaha il Allah. This is said to have caused the activation of the Mega Ray and to have effected the war. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has repeated a similar practice in the UN by activating this mega ray by saying La ilaha il Allah we will fight. Although he is Prime Minister and not head of state like President Ayub Khan and the division of powers could diminish the rays effects as his representation of the people of Pakistan is divided.

On an individual scale the mega ray of La ilaha il Allah is said to effect the heart and even diminish the effects of unlawful means of physical sustenance. This mega rays activation is extensively practiced in spirituality of Islam to effect an individual person as well.

Other Rays in Islam:

The 99 names of God are direct ray activation points in Islam. For example if one recites the name Ya Haadi, O Guider then he activates the energy and the rays contained in this name and would receive guidance. Similarly if one invokes the name Ya Haleem, O Forbearing then one receives the energy and rays of forbearance. Similarly the entire Quran is composed of multiple combination of words and sentences which have energy and ray activation effects according to their meaning.

Effects of Rays in Islam:

The activation of these rays effect the heart and therefore the mind and therefore the body and therefore the personality of a person. Spiritual masters of Islam are experts in the different effects of these different rays. They assign them to a disciple according to his requirement. The spiritual master analyses the ray requirements of their disciple and suggest the relevant ray activation.

End of Case Study.

As the activation of these rays effect the heart and therefore the mind, the body we consider that there is room to conduct a scientific analysis of these rays.