Internet Morality Engineering


Human beings are composed of the body and non physical entities. The non physical entities consist of the mind, the self, the soul, the heart. This multifold composition is interconnected and makes a complex system. The sustenance for the physical domain is food, water and air among other things. The inputs to the inner entities are from seeing, listening, contemplating, speaking and interacting. The mind, the self, the heart and the soul are impacted by seeing, listening, contemplating etc. The eyes and the ears are two of the primary entry points to the heart and the mind. The mind and the heart can be corrupted by evil content and can be refined by good content.

Content regulation for society is an exercise of preventing the spread of evil and suppressing evil while allowing the good information to be available. A battleground for evil and good content occurs on the Internet and we feel there is room for Internet Morality Engineering. We define Internet Morality Engineering as labeling content on the internet as acceptable or inappropriate, as evil or good.

The internet is public, openly available and largely unregulated. Some societies exercise content regulation but there is no worldwide coordinated exercise for this. There is no worldwide internet content regulation to suppress ill content and allow goodness to flourish.

The Internet seems to have a morality crisis. We propose that there should be an Internet Morality Engineering Task Force. Its role would be to define and describe evil, unacceptable content and to ‘at-source’ tag this content so that it can be filtered easily at browser level. We feel as part of Internet Morality Engineering all published public content should have a morality level tag. This would be similar to G, PG and M ratings for content on TV. As part of Internet Morality Engineering individual users should also be required to tag their content if it will be available to the general public on the global internet.
We feel this exercise is important for good to flourish and evil to be suppressed and it is necessary for children, the next generation and all people.

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