Children Protection e-Amulet

Child safety is an important topic and at we introduce the concept of e-Amulet for this purpose.

We feel technology has grown sufficiently to facilitate always connected parenting and immediately connected parenting.

We feel if a child goes out in the street or outside the home he should have an e-Amulet on him which would be like a voice walkie talkie. A push to talk walkie talkie facilitating immediate voice communications. Our concept is that at times Parents are concerned about the current state of the child. At times children outside want to immediately talk to their parents. Our concept regarding the e-Amulet is:

– If a parent invokes comms on their device or mobile they should be able to drop in to the child’s e-Amulet. They should be able to start listening and start talking without announcement or permission.

– if a child invokes comms on the e-Amulet from outside the home there should be ability to immediately drop in to the parent and start talking while listening should be permission based.

We feel technology can facilitate this easily now. An e-Amulet t would increase child safety and lead to worry free parenting if a child goes to a local park or anywhere outside the home.

We feel GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, radio and multiple other voice communications technologies can all facilitate this. All these technologies could help in this increase of Child Safety and lead to worry free parenting.

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