Open Algorithm Social Media

Have you ever wondered how the next item on your social media feed is selected. It’s via algorithms which are not tweakable by people themselves. At we propose the concept of Open Algorithm Social Media where people get to choose what they feed their minds with.

We propose that there should be social media feeds and next items which can be tweaked and edited by people themselves. This means the algorithms will need to be opened and be editable to an extent. Instead of corporations controlling the algorithms, tweaking and editing them, people should do it for themselves. Next item suggestions on streaming video platforms should also be controllable by people themselves.

We consider this to be a control which a person should be able to exercise. This is so that everyone can select and control what they see and what they hear. So that people can select, control whom they get influenced from and what information goes in their brains.

We call this concept Open Algorithm Social Media and feel there is a strong need for this in society.

As part of this concept we believe that parents should have a right to edit next items on social media feeds of their children. Please see our concept Dragon Parent – Double EE Parenting in addition to this one.


  1. Zain Nazir says:

    Interesting concept


  2. SmoothPorcupine Pirate says:

    Got fed up with Google just now and decided to search for “OpenAlgorithm” to see if anyone had invented it yet. I was just gonna improve search results, but your idea is pretty stellar too.


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