Management-Only Government Heads

The appetite of the people regarding decisions now carries strong weight. At we introduce the concept of Management-Only Government Heads. The reason is that the internet, social media and chat apps have brought information spread to such a scale that people know, people might know, people could know factor is a weight government heads carry. What the people will think now carries a strong weight. Every decision now being made behind closed doors is in danger of coming out in the open and spreading fast. It is in danger of reaching everyone impacted. Afterwards it might impact elections or at the very least relationships.

This goes hand in hand with another phenomenon. Key Decision Market Impact. At we introduce this concept where the market and financial impact of any key decision becomes immediately known very fast. Afterwards traders move money immediately and the map of the market shifts rapidly. This is again the impact of the internet, social media and chat apps.

We feel bluff-less information dispersal is now very fast. Fast discussion and concensus now removes bluffs and impact gets known. Therefore decisions can’t be made without the majority of population on board as bluffing them becomes difficult. Similarly the money and market impact of any big decision becomes immediately apparent too and money shifts.

At we feel there might now be democracies in a hung state such that there will only be management-only government heads. The awareness of the people will result in government heads making people-acceptable decisions only. Leaders will only be making people-acceptable decisions. Similarly the market impact of big decisions will be known fast. So much so that financial implications will weigh alot on leaders since people could move their money fast. These 2 factors in an increasingly multipolar world could give rise to a hung leaderless situation within countries and the world. One where concensus and agreement is required more and dictatorial decisions are difficult.

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