Afghanistan Visa Free Travel

Visa free travel is suitable for Afghanistan. This is because of its landlocked central geography. At we feel unity and prosperity in Asia would flourish a lot if Afghanistan announces visa free travel for all of its neighbours.

We feel at first another project is required. Our earlier concept of:

Afghanistan CCTV Cameras Program

China is a good example of how CCTV cameras can be put to good use and provide deep security. Some estimates state that there are more than 400 million surveillance cameras in China. Estimates say 54 percent of the world’s 770 million surveillance cameras are situated in China. They provide solid security. Afghanistan should have a broad CCTV coverage program and then should announce visa free travel. As a centrally located country this would greatly benefit the whole region. It would reignite a connectivity bubble between central asian countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan to Iran, Pakistan and China.

At we feel an Afghanistan national CCTV program followed with visa free travel would be good for the whole region. It could also lead to our earlier concept of an Asian Union.

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