Ummat Level Zakat System

Zakat redistribution at Ummat level would reduce much poverty. There should be a proper system to implement this. An OIC backed governments facilitated system.

At we feel the internet can easily facilitate this. Electronic money transfer is now so easy that an Ummat level Zakat redistribution is easily possible.

There are wealthy people and wealthy countries in the Ummat and there are poor countries and poor people. There might be countries in the Ummat so wealthy that not many people would be present to take Zakat. While in another country there would be more takers and less givers.

One of the prime responsibilities of the state in Islam is zakat management. Therefore governments should facilitate Zakat redistribution and an Ummat level system should be governments backed.

At we feel an Ummat level Zakat system would reduce much poverty and bring prosperity in the whole Ummat. It would bring love and unity in the Ummat and this should exist.

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